The Lord of the Flies

Written some time between 1990-1993


The start of a new society alone

A clean slate to work with, you see

Except for the influences of whats been shown

And the ways they were brought up to be


Not understanding how or why

But realizing the task before them

A fine line separating to live or to die

They bonded in this new form of freedom


It was a utopia from the start

Until people strove for more power

Rationality on the island had no part

And the storm of anarchy began to shower


The one they elected as chief

Was chosen because of his looks

And the conch he found in the reef

So this great power he took


There was an opposing force, as always must

The one with the strength and the knife

Overpowered by the savagery and bloodlust

Obsessed to steal from a pig, its life


The one neglected by most

Was the one with reason and law

Power and standing is what he lost

He succumbed to the passion of the pig’s jaw


They began to worship a head

Of a pig killed by the clan

This symbolized civilized society was dead

And the peace was lost when they killed a man


The death of the outsider

He who saw the island decaying

Showed reason was not an abider

And to the officer it looked like playing


Without the provisions of society’s ways

Without its influences or rules

Golding attempts to show from our first day

Savagery is one of man’s innate tools


The domain of the lord of the flies

Is a places where all reason and logic dies.

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