Written sometime between 1990-1993


Hypocrisy is a thing of society today

It has entered in to the world of norm

People always have one thing to say

But contradict themselves with the actions they perform


Our nation’s salute has one type of hitch

We say liberty and justice for “all”

“All” only means the powerful and rich

Everyone but the elite takes the fall


In our declaration is says all are equal

In our constitution we are promised rights

But these things are not true at all

Look at racial wars and censorship fights


Freedom of speech?  What does it mean?

Album warning labels prove this untruth

Freedom of the press?  Has this always been seen?

Media censorship is enough of a proof


Cops see the idea of hypocrisy as nothing new

Using a badge to break the law is something the learn

Pulling people over for things cops constantly do

Like speeding and making an illegal U-Turn


And not enough is said

About this crap we are fed.

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