Holier Than Thou

Written sometime between 1990-1993


You think that you are so cool

Believing you are nothing below the best

Looking down upon others with ridicule

Trying to prove your better than the rest


Acting and dressing in a trendy way

Wearing fancy clothes, driving expensive cars

Buying things no matter how much you pay

Thinking you belong up with the stars


But you never had a true friendship

Surrounded by others acting like you

You thought you were at the social tip

To you, this was never anything new


Ignoring people because of how they look

Avoiding people because of how they act

If ugly, never a second glance you took

You kept away from originality in fact


Never veering off the path of old

Ostracizing people different than you

just looking at those fitting your mold

Holier that thou…you thought it to be true


You never did learn what was the truth

Never judge a book by its cover

It;’s what’s inside, we’ve learned since youth

Though in your mind, this idea never did hover


But soon you will learn the facts

People like you are only putting on acts.

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