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Our Approach

The Beginnings

I believe it was my mother who first told me I was warped.  It must have been in grade school when I took a programming class.  It involved creating an inventory tracking system.  From what I was told, Baby's First Flamethrower was one of the items on the list. I mean, c'mon and think of the children!  Who are we to deny them their fun?

Our Story

Never Got Better

I suppose it never really got better.  From poems about squirrels becoming road kill to lyrics about bacon, loving your moms and stalkers.  If we cannot enjoy life, even the absurdity of it, what do we really have left?  Life itself is just a series of random events with us along for the ride.  Let's have some fun with it, while we still can.

 We Get Warped!

These are all the folks that make me who I am.

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I like Me, sometimes.  I cannot say is if Me returns the sentiment or not.  Always giving that damn stinkeye.

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Myself is the quiet and introspective one.  He brings the feelings!

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I is always there, whether you want him to be or not.  Freeloader!