Squirrel’s Tail

Written some time between 1990-1993


I looked at the squirrel in the tree

And watched him frolic with glee


Then came Bob tearing down the road

Hauling behind him a sixteen ton load


The squirrel jumped from limb to limb

I stopped in my step to stare at him


As Bob gave the engine more power

He accelerated to one hundred miles per hour


Down the tree the squirrel did bound

Til his feet did touch the ground


At that second, whom did I see?

None other than Bob trucking towards me


Then went the squirrel running through the grass

He ran towards the sign which read, “Do Not Pass”


As the truck went by in flight

The squirrel was no where in sight


As the dust did clear

I had a realization of fear


With sadness my heart did fill

For now the squirrel is nothing but roadkill.

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