For You and I

For You and I written between 1993-1997


While I sit looking at our photograph

Thinking of the summer gone by

I think of all our smiles and laughs

For each other, for you and I


I can’t stop from grinning

I can’t stop staring at your face

All my thoughts are spinning

And my heart begins to race


Thinking forward to a future time

Forward to be in your arms, in your sight

Being apart is such a crime

For you and I, we will survive this plight


Growing stronger, day by day

My love for you will never die

It is more than words can say

But I will never fail to try


You beauty is beyond compare

My feelings for you are the same

Hurt you?  I would never dare

For you and I burns this flame


This love we share will survive all weather

For you and I, we are together.

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