This Love (we share)

This Love (we share) written between 1993-1997


Since I have known you

From these emotions that I feel

I can see that it is true

Thie love we share is real


When you first caught my eye

Your beauty captured my heart

For just a kiss, I would die

It was a crush from the start


What if?  I would always think

But never an action did I take

Too shy to even smile or wink

Now I see what a stupid mistake


Friends is what we became

Tho’ myu true feelings never did appear

I never thought yours were the same

And ruining our friendship, a logical fear


As my desires began to grow

It was hard to push them away

But I had been struck by Cupid’s arrow

And I knew they were here to stay


Then it happened, our first kiss

Joy and relief filled my mind

And myu thoughts overflowed with bliss

This love we share is one of a kind


We talked to each other all the time

And saw each other every day

One day alone was a crime

And time apart seemed grey


My love for you grew and grew

Knowing I had someone great, something rare

With every thought I have of you

This love we share is beyond compare


Then we both went to school

Now we must survive a new weather

But we do have the help of a tool

This love we share will keep us together


No matter how far we are apart

I will always love you, with all my heart.

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