The Call

The Call written between 1993-1997


Darkness all around

Searching for the light

Stumbling upon the ground

Not giving up without a fight


Feeling alone in the black

Looking for any kind of aid

But no pats on the back

Not since the light began to fade


Feelings of rejection and pain

Not a good memory in sight

Except one that will not wane

This is the reason for his plight


The one good thing in his life

She brings with her the light

His voice cuts the silence like a knife

Her name echoes through the night


The shadows hide in fear

They cringe at the sound

Fearing the darkness will clear

And again the light will appear around


But unanswered goes his call

And he continues on his way

If he could just survive the fall

And see the light of another day


She would be able to stop his fall

With just an answer to his call.

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