The Warmth

The Warmth written between 1993-1997


As the snow piles up outside

As the daylight begins to fade

The temperature continues to drop


I sit in the warmth of the fire

In the warmth of your arms, your love

I become warm, from the inside out


We cuddle in the flickering light

Taking refuge from the chill outside

Not losting the warmth of each other’s touch


Only wishing for time to stop

Cherishing he moment in all my heart

Never wanting to leave your side or arms


I think back to all our time together

Back to the smiles of the summer past

Even further, to the days of highschool


Remembering the crush I had

Remembering the guts I did not

Remembering back to, if only she would


Then I look forward to the future

I see more smiles and laughs

And I see a love that will not die


I again look to the present

I gaze in to your eyes

I can see this love that we share


I hold you even closer

Never wanting to let go

I whisper, I love you


I see the warmth of your smile

I feel the warmth of your touch

The coldness of the night disappears


I begin to wonder why it is so

I think, what could have done this?

What could have brought us together?

How did we find true love?

Something so evasive, so hard to find

Not many people do in their lifetime


I know how lucky I am

For receiving a second chance

For I was too blind to see the first


I know there is nothing I will ever do

Nothing at all, to lose this love

For this love we have is too strong


I will never start a fight

Nor will I ever cheat or forget

For true love is an undying force


I again look in to your eyes

Seeing the face I so love

Knowing there is nothing more beautiful


You have brought with you the warmth

It chases away the cold

For this I must thank you


<Redacted>, I love you!  Always and forever.

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