Thank You

Thank You written between 1993-1997


I used to wander through my years

Without a clear path, alone and lost

My trail marked by fallen tears

My heart encased in frost


Not many friends to look to

No love in my sight

Hoping for something out of the blue

But willing to give up the fight


No longer looking forward to tomorrow

Only wanting to end the pain

My outlook on life at a low

My life was going down the drain


Then with you came the light

Your warmth thawed my soul

Now I had a reason to fight

I started the long climb from a hole


You are a work of beautiful art

As a person you are beyond compare

I allowed you in to my heart

Something I do so rare


Over my life you took hold

Always in my thoughts, on my mind

Out of my life has gone the cold

To all but your love, I am blind


I wonder what I did without you

How I survived as long as I did

You made me look at life anew

Thoughts of the past, I am now rid


I hope you believe what I say

<Redacted> I love you more than you know

And I will love you forever, until the ultimate day

My love for you will never cease to grow


I thank you, <redacted>, for taking this chance

I think, <redacted>, with all my heart.

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