Wants vs. Reality

Wants vs. Reality – written some time between 1990-1993


Thoughts careening to and fro

My wants conflicting with reality

Which is right, who’s to know?

Confusion and distress at an extremity


Unable to accept the reality of present

Reliving moments and memories of the past

These actions I begin to resent

But my wants are still running fast


Knowing it will never become true

But fantasizing none the less

Like suffering a bout with the flue

These wants put my mind at duress


Like flashed of bright white lights

Reality creeps in to my mind

These facts begin a huge fight

Reality and wants create a mental bind


Two things are obtained from this war

Confusion and depression invade

On my mind is placed a black mar

And accepting the reality is hard to evade


Seeing but only a single choice

Feeling the power reality has gained

The wants slowly lose their voice

And a pseudo peace is attained


For this is only a temporary state

Til the wants return from their wait.

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