The Nomad

The Nomad – written in 2017 for Keystone Garden


A nomad on the quest of a lifetime

In search of almost sure fool’s gold

It’s felt like years since I’ve begun

Need to find the treasure before we get old


Traveling with all five senses

Inspecting every inch of ground

Over heaving mountains of sand

In the moistest of valleys

Through the rain forest’s mounds


So eager when the journey began

No way I couldn’t locate the prize

Now I think its a ghost hunt

Despair, I begin to realize


Searching for the hidden spot

Body and mind aching

Wrist deep in the mire

Oasis of love, mine for the taking


She gave me a map

Told me I can do it

G marks the spot

Just look for the slit


Searching for that hidden spot

Is it a mirage or is it real?

Wrist deep in the mire

Oasis of love, fingers hope to feel

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