I Love You

I Love You written between 1990-1993


Looking back to before we met

My life had sadness as a center

A place where the sun was always set

A place where light could never enter


But now it is quite the opposite

Happiness and joy you have brought

Like a puzzle you fit

Into my life and thought


An angel of the light

A messenger of good tiding

You came into my sight

And brought out my life in hiding


Into my mind came peace

The sorrow and pain went away

For life I received a new lease

And I can look forward to another day


You’re always on my mind

When I close my eyes, you I see

Other thoughts are hard to find

Vut all of this, fine with me


I never thought I’d feel this way

But I know I feel as you do

When you said three words the other day

The three words were I LOVE YOU


I hope you see what I say is true

When I say the words I LOVE YOU too.

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