Goldfish of the Night

Goldfish of the Night written in 1999 for Keystone Garden


Do you beseech the amber battlements betwixt yonder caskets

Amid aged pastry handles intently averting our marbled houses

And abandoned answers believe the escape of death from Eden’s fire

With a bare autumn blanket wandering by the southern spotted squirrels

Where the abyss of an ancient attic bludgeoned the grotesque lady king

Do I believe in the bend of their sword swallowing the wavering mountains

Or did I address their blistering coal as it divorced their fashionable lantern

When the goldfish of the night nickname a snowman’s swimsuit after our sisters

After a nuclear secretaries mugging of a stalker’s prophecy of defiance in excess

Does an anti-social, anti-hero commit his detachment of the heartless nightmare of justice

When the felonious fever of adornment dumping mannequins in the lush mecca of polluted neglect

And the barren chariots cease to bring the corrupt flock of forsaken sheep

Do we cradle a deep fabric of frozen jasmine or embrace the lingering honey of recklessness

But we all admire the brightness of the cradle dance in the everlasting festival of travel

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