To Return To

written sometime between 1990-1993


To return to when times were good

Before having to face up to the truth

I know that if I really could

I would return to the times of my youth


Not a serious problem in mind

Only what toy to play with next

Or maybe a game of some kind

To return to before time became vexed


Someone making all your decisions

Telling you what is right and wrong

Always under another’s provisions

To return to before pressures did belong


Never caring what you looked like

Never caring what people thought

Just learning to ride a two wheel bike

To return to when happiness was easily bought


Looking forward to Christmas

And the joys of a birthday present

Now those feeling have begun to pass

To return to times before these I now resent


Never realizing how simple life was

Always looking forward to coming years

Nos realizing how society is twisted and bent

To return to times before having any true fears


to leave today’s evil ways

to return to my youthful days.

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