Always Forever

Always Forever written between 1993-1997


How can six months seem like a day?

How can a day also seem like an eternity?

I prefer to the first to the last

For six months leads to always, forever


I could also live with the second

But only when we are together

Yet it is the second that drives me crazy

As it does now, when we are apart


Yet I know we will survive

Our love will stand the test of time

It is too strong to be broken

For true love is the strongest force


Even thought we are hours apart

I can always see your face

I only need to close my eyes

And I see the beauty I so love


I have memorized the curves

I have memorized the colors

A thing of true beauty

On my mind at all times


You are always on my mind

You are forever in my heart

We will be together; Always, Forever

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