Keystone Garden

Formed in 1998 between two long time friends, we have put out two albums and are currently working on our third.

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I became interested in cooking after seeing Emeril on the food network in the 90's.  I am currently living a low carb lifestyle but I still cook with carbs as needed (family isn't always down with my tastes).

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I started writing poetry in high school (most likely for a girl).  I still write when I can but I am currently more focused on lyrics for KG.

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Since 1993

Warped Am I

This page has been a long time coming.  Originally picked up this domain in 2004.  But for email, there was not much going on here.

My life on the other hand was quite the opposite.   Since I've owned this domain, I have had two main careers (with one minor one), moved between five states, had two awesome sons and married my beautiful wife.

I figured now was as good a time as any to finally get something rockin' in here, for better or worse.

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